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Hey everyone! I’m Varsha, Your virtual assistant from Vgrow solutions!  I’m here to lend you a helping hand to manage  your business related tasks. Wondering how? Then here’s an example of how we helped one of our clients by providing Spreadsheet Creation and Presentation services.

A real estate firm located in New Jersey, US was maintaining its client information in different files and formats, including paper documents, word, and excel sheets. Due to an improper system and no centralized documentation it was difficult for the client to close deals and follow up on leads and old customers. The client needed an assistant to maintain and update property data and customer inventory in a centralized spreadsheet format.

Manually uploading high volume of property data and customer inventory was time consuming, and the data available in unstructured formats made it more challenging to source and convert information into a unified format.

Vgrow virtual assistants have years of experience in data entry and spreadsheet management. Therefore, we have expertise in serving real estate clients, maintaining inventories, client transactions, social media and email marketing services.

After Studying the client requirement, we proposed timeline for sourcing and uploading the client data in a unified spreadsheet format. On approval

  • we extracted and categorized the current data based on the client’s specifications.
  • Reviewed and cleansed the data for any duplicate information or discrepancies.
  • Uploaded the data on a spreadsheet populating every attribute of the property manually to avoid errors.
  • Maintained and updated customer information as and when provided by the client.
  • Provided weekly updates on closed, active and open customer deals. We ensured the transaction updates were in a easily understandable format.

Creating separate sheets for property inventory, buyer inventory, transaction details and profitability estimate in the same spreadsheet document provided easy access to the categorized data in a centralized system. With our spreadsheet management support, the client –

Streamlined their sales process and closed deals in a shorter span than before.

With insights from the available data, they revisited their marketing strategies targeted their ads towards specific audiences and locations that gave them better return on investment.

The client also saved costs by upto 60% by not hiring an in-house employee for her data entyry and spreadsheet creation tasks . If you would like to have such hasslefree services for your business, hire Vgrow virtual assistant now! Also ask for our one week free trial.


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