Vgrow Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Vserve Ebusiness Solution aims to secure your confidentiality and offers you with the comfortable experience of working with our website and services.

The mentioned Privacy Policy explains each and every aspect of who we are, why and how we collect and work with personalized data. This also includes the rights you have as a User when you provide us with any of your personal information and the details that you require about it.

We reserve the right to modify and update the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.

How we gather Information’s?

Contact us forms: All the data and information on our site is collected when you provide your information through our contact us form, service query forms or any of other conferences/event registration forms. You have the complete freedom to submit or not to submit your personal information on our website.

Cookies: We may also collect the data and the information from cookies, regarding the details about how you entered our site, the information you viewed and how you navigated in our site. The data and information will not be reviewed at an individual level. You can also disable cookies if you are not interested to track the information

Internet access logs: We too collect information indirectly through our site’s internet access logs. Your internet address is automatically collected when you browse through our site and placed in our internet access logs.

The Kind of Data we collect

The personal information we collect and the process is provided directly by you or by a third party.

This information includes:

Your name.

Your Job title, official duties, etc.

Your personal information such as an address, phone number, email id, or any other contact details.

Your personal information with us maybe also is given to us during phone/ email conversations and the use of our website.

There is some other personal information that is collected which is necessary to draft an agreement and/or contract with you or your employer.

Some of the other personal information you provide us with or which we receive during your visits to any of our offices.

There are some additional technical and personal information which you provide us with while visiting our website, includes:

Technical information such as IP address that you use for internet connection.

Your registration information.

Your browser details.

Your time-zone.

Your operating system details.

Details about visited pages and URLs.

The browsing history across our website.

Details about the time and date of your visit to our website.

The average time spent on each page.

Third parties may collect few of other detailed information and for any of the queries regarding the personal data we collect can be asked via email at

Disclosure of Collected Information

Any personal and related information that is collected via our website may be used for our own purposes, such as marketing and customer reaching. Such information may also be used to contact you regarding the services we provide and the other vital information that we need to deliver with you.

Further to the extent, Vgrow Solution does not share any personal information collected by us with any other website or third-party entity.

Questions about This Privacy Policy/ Contact Information

You can request access, updates, correction or deletion of your personal information that you have submitted or collected from our website. You have the right to all of your personal data collected and you can complain to a data protection authority regarding the use of your personal information. You can also receive business promotional emails from us and you can “unsubscribe” it at any time if you like to do.

If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, our website practices and your dealings with the site, you can always reach us at